Business-driven information technologies

This course is intended for you to understand the implications of technology and its growth inside of the business environment and how they correlate. We go over many different aspects, from the physical hardware of technology to cloud computing, how security is achieved, and of course financial technology. Although it is a more theoretical class, it is very important to every business - even though it is not related to tech - to absorb and implement technology into their business model and competitive advantage.

Vincent Wergeland
  • I have a high GPA and several Honor Degrees
  • I work fast and efficiently, trying to solve and reason in the easiest way
  • I have helped many of my peers get better grades in the past already
I have always been a top student, aiming for high grades and being as efficient as possible. Outside of school, I enjoy watersports and football, and when it comes to my professional ambitions I am interested in Finance, Consulting, and Real Estate.